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What are my machines saying??

Your machines have a lot to say.

Are you listening?


You should be.

Regardless of what you operate, understanding when, what and why a problem occurs will change your bottom line. WaveRider is a combination of a data collector you install in your equipment, WaveRider cloud service, and an application you load on your phone, tablet or pc.

WaveRider is not a toolkit, but rather a completely developed service that monitors your equipment. WaveRider let’s you Listen, Understand and Act, all within seconds, not days.

Get alerts for current or future problems

Your custom alerts via text or email.

What’s the difference between profit and loss on your machine or fleet? Timing. Knowing you have a problem, or a condition that’s trending towards a problem, is important. Knowing it in near real time is vital.

Timely alerts are the first step in increasing profits, reducing downtime and improving capacity. Active Alerts sends you text and email alerts on any condition you are interested in, on any machine in your fleet. It’s all there and completely configurable right from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Active Alerts
iPad Downtime

Understand the root cause

Downtime information at your fingertips.

Imagine if every machine you operated gave you every downtime event, categorized and analyzed by impact. Imagine if the info was delivered to any device you own in real time, and was available anywhere.

WaverRider Downtime App gives you the information you need to take action, empowering you to increase capacity and decrease costs.

Fix the problem from anywhere

Remote Access - Secure and Fast.

Regardless of location, your engineers can access all of your equipment using our highly secure WaveRider VPN service. WaveRider uses 128bit encryption, is cloud based, and works well with customer firewall’s. Use WaveRider from your cell, tablet or PC, load your favorite software, and fix the issue in minutes.

Active Alerts

How WaveRider Works

A Timeline of Information Delivery

Near real time metrics for any machine.

Follow the timelin from start to finish to see how WaveRider helps you Listen, Understand and Act.

WaveRider Data Collection Timeline

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Dave Miller

"It gives us an advantage over our competition..."

"Wave7 allowed us to deploy a completely customized solution immediately that not only answered the specification needs but provided access to the information anywhere on any device...

Adding an IoT and cloud based technology that provides information to our customers puts us ahead of our competition.

In the past, we simply haven’t been able to give customers information easily. Most of the time our customers need the info, and in many cases they tried to create the information systems themselves. Wave7 gives us an immediate solution to customers production and maintenance needs."

- David Miller, Project Engineer, SSI Inc.

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From single assets to worldwide rollouts, at Wave7 we can advise you on how to boost your company’s efficiency and profits with improved equipment condition monitoring.

Integration with your assets is fast and easy, and all our services include expert support and financial-grade data security.

Contact a Wave7 specialist today to learn more about the most efficient way to manage your equipment.

About us

Wave7 specializes in helping customers like Boeing, UTC Aerospace, ConAgra and more increase uptime and profits for their complex or remote equipment assets.

The company was founded in 2013 to help production managers and manufacturers improve the efficiency of their operations with cutting-edge technology.

We’re based in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State, with remote offices in Seattle and Eugene, Oregon.