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I’m David McKay, the President and founder of Wave7 – the zero infrastructure, end-to-end solution that gives you the power to remotely manage your equipment assets right from your smartphone or tablet.

David McKay

Does this struggle sound familiar to you?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re fighting a never-ending battle against a lack of actionable information on your industrial equipment? How many times do you just want the status of a machine or asset: Is it on, is it running correctly, has it recently been down?

How many times would it have helped you to know that your equipment was down or operating poorly BEFORE:

  • The end of the shift...
  • The call from production...
  • The angry call from your internal or external customer...

If monitoring your equipment is expensive, inefficient and reactive, I feel your pain...

For the past 25 years I've either been using, developing or delivering software and hardware that delivers information from machines to humans. During that time, my single biggest roadblock has been this:

The lack of an end to end solution that is cost-effective and quick to deploy.

Streamlining equipment monitoring with technology

These days you can manage your home appliances from 5,000 miles away using an app on your smartphone, and yet your million dollar asset is largely disconnected.

Why should you still have to rely on a series of complex spreadsheets, imported information, two team members and a bunch of different databases to find out how fast your equipment is running, how much power it’s using and if it ran all day?

I wanted to change all that – and so the idea behind Wave7 was born.

I approached Michael, Ed and Terry, the visionary Board of Directors at Concept Systems (Control Engineering’s two-time integrator of the year). As industry experts in applying technology to state-of-the-art factories and process control plants, they instantly shared my vision of revolutionizing equipment asset monitoring.

Wave7 Exec Team

Wave7’s technology and team has helped customers like Boeing, UTC and SSI get visibility into remote equipment, improve production and begin to predict upcoming trouble.

Take back control of YOUR equipment assets

Wave7 gives you the secure technology you need to connect your equipment and asset information to your smartphone, tablet or desktop. It uses a combination of wifi, cellular and device connectivity, cloud based processing and an extensively developed and tested data management, visualization and analytics engine (Wave7).

Now, you can clearly monitor what needs your attention, stay ahead of any problems that may be coming up, and make informed decisions that can potentially save your company millions.

Best of all, you no longer need a massive capital infrastructure project to do this (or to involve half your engineering staff, or sit in endless meetings trying to prove ROI, hoping for approval in 2 years’ time!)

If you’d like to discuss how Wave7 could help streamline your operations, just give me a call. Tell me what information you need to monitor on your remote assets and I’ll be happy to advise you on the best way forward.

David McKay
dmckay (at) wave7 (dot) co

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